L’Effet Papillon concept was born through time and its founder’s professional experiences. After 8 years in hospitality and catering management, Julie Bordier had the opportunity to manage a Foundation in Geneva for 5 years. Discovering the non-profit and humanitarian sector was an eye opener for her.

After this experience and being passionate about entrepreneurship, Julie decided to create a welcoming place where customers could share and enjoy delicious food while doing a meaningful action with a solidarity and helpful purpose. This concept, putting together her two professional experiences and passions, is L’Effet Papillon.

Julie and Marlou met during the first L’Effet Papillon meal consumer test. Marlou is passionate about food, cooking, catering and she is a philanthropist. She immediately loved the concept of L’Effet Papillon. She offered to help by bringing her expertise in communication and digital strategy.

The concept

L’Effet Papillon is a catering service and a future philanthropic restaurant. We use our profits to provide nutritional help and access to drinking water to people in need in Switzerland and all over the world. We wish that a meal bought at L’Effet Papillon finances a free meal to someone in need or co-finances an access to drinking water project.

In addition of this main goal, we wish to offer our customers homemade meals cooked from fresh, local and seasonal products. L’Effet Papillon wants to reduce food waste, so we use “second choice” but still very good products (out of calibre vegetables, production surplus, products rejected by shops).