The majority of our profits are donated to finance humanitarian and solidarity projects in Switzerland and all over the world.

Being a caterer, L’Effet Papillon is affected by nutrition and access to drinking water problems. That’s why we only support nutrition help and access to drinking water solidarity projects.

Every year, we meet with our partners, our volunteers and our team to select 3 projects. Then, our customers decide which project beyond the 3 preselected ones they want to support. The profit from their meal will be donated to finance this project.

We are currently looking for the 3 new projects to help for the next year! Are you an association, a foundation or an NGO based in Switzerland and do you wish to submit a project to L’Effet Papillon?

Gaira, Tanzania

Goal: distribute warm and balances meals to 24 orphans 

The Twigas’House association, created in 2016 by two Swiss sisters, Sandrine Denti and Lara Vila, aims to ensure a safe and stable environment for the orphans of Gairo in Tanzania and thus offer them prospects for the future and independence. Following the construction of an orphanage, Twigas’House, in collaboration with its local partner, now provides for the basic needs of 24 orphans through the following activities:

  • Housing and care: Children are housed and surrounded by love on a daily basis. A matron, a cook, a tutor, an accountant, a manager and a guard manage the activities.
  • Nutrition: Children benefit from a balanced diet. A meal costs CHF 0.50 cents / child, two meals per day thus cost CHF 1 / child. This represents a budget of 30 CHF / month / child.
  • Access to healthcare: Children benefit from annual “community” health insurance (CHF 1 / month / child) and lessons in hygiene and health.
  • Access to education: Public schools are free. However, compulsory fees for uniform and school materials apply: 80 CHF / year / child.

CHF 0.50 provides a hot and balanced meal for a child

More information on: and on Instagram and facebook: @twigashouse

Guiba, Burkina Faso

Goal: provide sustainable access to drinking water to 3’000 villagers

In rural areas in Burkina Faso, the conditions of access to drinking water are generally very difficult. It is the women and children who do the water chore, covering many kilometers several times a day. Often they will tap into ponds where the water is dirty because it is the only one available.

In 2021, Morija is helping the inhabitants of Guiba and Toécé by building 10 improved water points. The goal is to provide 3,000 villagers with sustainable access to drinking water. According to WHO standards, this corresponds to an average of 20 liters of water per day per person.

Morija promotes the participatory approach by strongly involving the population in the construction of infrastructure. Invested personally, the villagers realize the importance of good management of the structures to avoid breakdowns and thus ensure their sustainability.

CHF 3.- allow a person to have sustainable access to drinking water.

Find out more:

Geneva, Switzerland

Goal: to distribute basic necessities to 6,000 vulnerable people in Geneva

Created in 1993, the Colis du Cœur distributes foodstuffs and hygiene products to families and people in precarious situations residing in the canton of Geneva. Each week, this foundation provides food aid to nearly 6,000 people, 40% of them are children.

Nearly 200 volunteers take part in these weekly distributions. A standard package can prepare 3 to 4 meals for one person and can consist of rice or pasta or potatoes, tuna, eggs, butter, oil, bread, dairy products, fresh or canned vegetables and fruit, meat as well as laundry, shampoo, toothpaste, diapers, etc.

To benefit from food aid from the Colis du Cœur, each beneficiary must contact one of the 35 social service partners of the foundation, which checks that the conditions for granting them fixed by the Colis du Cœur are respected: Live in the canton of Geneva, Income below the subsistence minimum or emergency situation

CHF 12.- will finance a “fruit & vegetable” package for two people in a precarious situation

Discover all the Coulis du Coeur activities here: Colis du Cœur