L’Effet Papillon is a philanthropic catering service in Geneva. We use our profits to provide nutritional help and access to drinking water to people in need in Switzerland and all over the world.

Our goal: a meal bought at L’Effet Papillon finances a free meal to someone in need.

Our customers are the philanthropists as they decide which solidarity project they want to support! When you purchase a meal with us, you choose a project between 3 preselected ones and we will donate the profit of your meal to this project!

In the kitchen, we only use fresh and seasonal products, which are as local as possible. The packaging we use is either reusable, either biodegradable. In addition to be delicious and original, our meals are healthy and environmentally friendly.

Projects currently supported

Gairo, Tanzania

Goal : distribute warm and balances meals to 24 orphans

Program’s partner:

Twigas’house association

Geneva, Switzerland

Goal : distribute food package to 6,000 vulnerable people

Program’s partner:

Colis du Coeur

Guiba, Burkina Faso

Goal : provide sustainable access to drinking water to 3’000 villagers

Program’s partner:

Morija Association